Open it Up

by Yvette Cornelia

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released March 3, 2013

Chris Votek - engineering, mixing, mastering, production, cello
Rory Cowal - Wurlitzer
Andrew Lessman - drums
Graham Chapman - bass
T.J. Troy - percussion
Ryan York - bass
Anahita Navab - harp
Michael Tessler - glockenspiel



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Yvette Cornelia Los Angeles, California

Yvette Cornelia (born July 1988) is a Californian violinist, vocalist, and composer.

"Open It Up" was recorded and co-produced by cellist Chris Votek in Echo Park, L.A. The songs feature Yvette’s intricately layered violin and vocals alongside contributions from a jazz trio.

New releases by her current band are in progress!
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Track Name: Open It Up
Things don't disappear. They find new ways, new states of being.
If you remember this saying, loss of love can be oh so freeing.

Go on and open it up.
Come on and open it up for me.
Go on, loosen and tear at the seams.
Track Name: Follow Me
Do you feel your lungs burn? Do you feel your face freeze?
I didn't say that pleasure would come with ease.
Run away with me. From the city we'll be free.
Hold tight, please have some faith. You'll see...

A hot head needs a cold pillow.
Lay your stubbornness on my bed.
Don't try too hard. It will all come to you if you follow me.
Track Name: Old Man
Old man, do you see me knocking at your door?
Midnight and the boys have all closed up the stores?
Waiting for your soothing hand to let me in,
Close my eyes, undress my thoughts, and make my messy mind turn off.

Bring me a peaceful sleep. March into a quiet dream,
and don't let me wake up before the sun rises.

Hold me tight and close the lid.
It's time to soften up the grip on conscious strings and ties.

I'm no longer outside.
Track Name: City in the Air
Clouds below afloat
Above a roof
A world up here.
Will someday we find a way to live in the air?

Ground seems stable
but not always.
Sometimes the earth shakes under us.
Eluding gravity a city in the air will float
Imagine history without borders to care about.
Sailing and drifting
On billows of mist and cotton.

Clouds below afloat
Above a roof
A world up here.
Will someday we find a way to live in the air?
Yearning higher our homes rise with our hearts
Yielding to no weightiness see how movable roots can be.

Clouds above.
Clouds below.
So far below.